Outline The Health And Safety Policies And Procedures

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Outline the health and safety policies and procedures of the work setting-
When working in the setting it is important that you follow all policies and procedures. The health and safety polices include safe guarding, staff development and training and admissions. In the setting they work with the local safeguarding children board, this means that we protect the children and all staff are fully trained. In the setting it is important to make sure that all the staff and volunteers have a DBS check and are suitable to work with children. It is also important that staff are always reminded of the policies and procedures by reading some every month. It is also important that staff are given courses to attend to make sure that they are all up to …show more content…

In the morning we need to make sure that all the windows and blinds are open to give the room ventilation and the cords are tucked up high so the children cant harm themselves. We also need to make sure that the fire door is open to ensure that we would not be at risk if we needed to get out immediately. Throughout the day we need to make sure that the room is tidied quite often in case of a fire. In the evening it is important for us to make sure that the room is clean and tidied with activities set out for the next morning for the children to come in and play. A risk assessment is also done in the garden every time the children go out, this is to make sure that there is nothing in the garden that the children could harm themseleves on. Once all these risk assessments are done we need to initial or sign with the time that we done these risk assessment.

Explain why a safe but challenging environment is important for children and young people It is important to make sure that the room the children are playing in is safe and set up to the appropriate age range. As the children start to get more energetic its important to make sure that we keep the room safe but challenging by placing floor activities which should slow them down. By giving the children challenges in the room should help them outside nursery because not everything everywhere …show more content…

You would record this in the accident book which each room will have. The accident form will have a date, name of child and their date of birth. There is also a back and front image of body where you would mark where they have hurt themselves. You would then write what happened and if any first aid was given and by who. You would then be asked to sign and get a witness to sign. Once your happy that all the information is on it will then be given to management for them to read and sign. The parents will also have to read and sign before they could have the copy. If a child has hurt themselves over the weekend we would ask the parents to fill in a form to tell us what happened so they can’t say that they done it at nursery. All the forms once all signed will go down to the office and

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