How Current Health and Safety Legislation, Policies and Procedures Are Implemented in Setting

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Job Brief

Each childminder will be registered and inspected with Ofsted to ensure that they are able to demonstrate the quality and standards of care required by Ofsted, the Early Years Foundation Stage and the NCMA. Each childminder must ensure that they provide high quality childcare, within a positive, safe and happy environment. Childminders are responsible for planning and preparing a programme of play based activities and in the completion of all relevant record keeping, paperwork and administration.

Responsibilities and Duties

All Childminders have a responsibility to promote and demonstrate a high level of professionalism when carrying out their work.

Quality Child Care

To provide high quality care by • to
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It will be necessary, when applying for registration, for you to be able to prove to your local department that your home meets the legal requirements to provide a safe and secure environment for the children you intend to care for.
You will need to demonstrate that you are a suitable person to provide care for young children and that you take your responsibilities seriously.
The registration system is in place so that Ofsted can aim to: • ensure that all childminders meet the National Standards; • protect children and provide reassurance for parents/guardians; • promote environments where children are safe and well cared for; • ensure care contributes to development and learning; • promote high quality
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