Organizational Structure Of A Regional Medical Center ( Grmc ) Uses

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According to Tiller (2012), “a carefully designed organizational structure is a logical prerequisite for success” (p. 20). This holds true in health care today; the structure of an organization determines how efficient the facility will run, as well as setting the tone for the culture within the company. The organizational structure “describes the arrangement of the work group” making it the division of the work that needs to be done across the continuum of the organization (Sullivan, 2013, p. 12). The purpose of this paper is to take a closer look at the organizational structure that Grinnell Regional Medical Center (GRMC) uses. Assess how the structure supports client-centered care; the communication methods that are used;…show more content…
Patient-Centered Care The leadership structures utilized helps to create an environment that supports patient-centered care by its integration of the service-line structure by grouping similar services and departments. For example, all acute care services and the majority of the nursing services all report to the Vice President of Operations to ensure that there is coordination across the entire organization. The director of the intensive care unit is also the director responsible for the emergency department, and the cardiopulmonary unit. These particular departments care for many of the same patients throughout their hospital stay. As patients move from the emergency room to the intensive care unit they usually receive services from the respiratory therapists who are a part of the cardiopulmonary department; they will receive continuity of care based on their needs by staff that are similarly trained and who are held to the same service goals. It is not a surprise that GRMC has high patient satisfaction scores, because organizations that run under the service-line structures tend to have higher patient satisfaction and safety scores (Sullivan, 2013). Information Systems, Communication, and Decision-Making Ability GRMC utilizes multiple information systems throughout the organization to communicate with patients, hospital departments, and administration. On the clinical

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