Organizing Customer Knowledge Of The Female Central Library Essay

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Organizing Customer Knowledge in the Female Central Library in the University of Dammam

Rawan H. AlGhamdi, Wala A. AlGhamdi, Ebtsam F. AlHajri, and Maha A. AlQahtani
A new methodology for customer knowledge management in the female central library in the University of Dammam is needed because of the big amount of customers’ information that exist there. Customers include employees, students, faculty members and researchers in the university. so, the purpose of this study is to propose a methodology for organizing customer knowledge in this library. In general, the proposed methodology is for developing a customer knowledge taxonomy model (CKT). By using and applying this model the customer knowledge can be classified into three categories: knowledge about customers, knowledge from customers and knowledge for customers. in addition, this paper proposes a strategy of merging the first and second categories of customer knowledge to form the third category. As a result of this case study, the librarians are expected to use the CKT model to organize customer knowledge which will help in facilitating the knowledge management activities including storing and sharing the knowledge. That will help them also to understand the preferences and the requirements of their customers so they can provide better services for them. Finally, it’s expected that the proposed methodology can be used by

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