Orthopaedist Research Paper

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Have you ever gotten hurt before and had to visit a specialist to get you back on your feet? Well, I have. As a dancer, it is a known fact someone you know is going to get hurt at some point in their career. It is important as dancers to understand what our options are. Dancers should see specialist for many different reasons and at different points of their injuries as well, which it is why it is important to understand what specialist do what.
An orthopaedist is a specialist dancer can look into when dealing with injuries. Common injury locations that an orthopaedist can help treat are, generally, foot, ankle, knee, and back injuries. These kind of injuries can range from fractures, strains, sprains, and tendon injuries (Dance Injuries). Back injuries that orthopaedist can treat a range from degenerative disc disorders, lumbar stenosis, ruptured disc, spasm, and swayback, also known as, lordosis (Conditions Treated). Out of those injuries, back spasms and lordosis are common among dancers. Back spasms can happen due to various problems. Those problems can be tight hamstrings, pelvis not in correct alignment, weak muscles in the spine and stomach, as well as dehydration (Back Spasm). The best treatment for right after the injury first occurs is ret, compression and ice. For long term without doing anything too extreme are getting prescribed
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Each of the health care professionals can help dancers for specific injuries and various points of their injuries as well. Knowing what each of them do is necessary so dancers understand what is best needed for their body. It is significant that dancers educate themselves on more than one type of doctor to help with all kinds injuries they may experience. Due to the common factor of dancers getting hurt at least once during their career as a dancer, they will need help on how to heal correctly so they can keep
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