Osama Bin Laden, A Powerful Leader

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Osama bin Laden is a powerful influential leader to his followers. He also has significance approaches to them as well. Bin laden created a new group in 1988 called al-Qaeda (“the base”) to where it would focus on a symbolic act of terrorism instead of military campaign. A year later in 1989 the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, soon after that bin laden returned to Saudi Arabia to step up fundraising for the new and more complicated mission ( 2009). The pro-Western Saudi royal family feared that bin Laden’s fiery pan-Islamist rhetoric might cause trouble in the kingdom, so they tried to keep him quite as they could. Therefore, the royal family took away his passport and refused to accept his offer to send “Afghan Arabs” to guard the borders after Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 ( 2009). However, the Saudi royal family did not make it any better when they sought help from the “infidel” U.S. instead. Since bin Laden was furious about being snubbed by the Saudi royal family, he vowed that it would be al-Qaeda, and not the Americans, who would one day; prove to be “master of this world.”
Osama bin Laden kept his promise when he said that al-Qaeda would be the “master of the world.” Bin Laden, was best viewed as a terrorist CEO, where he essentially applied the techniques of business administration and modern management, which he had learned both from his family’s construction business and at the university, to the running of a transnational terrorist

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