Oscar, By Oscar Mayer

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Many advertisements want you to buy their product, but Oscar Mayer wants you to enjoy their product as you eat it. The founder Mr. Oscar F. Mayer moved from Germany to Detroit, MI, then later to Chicago, IL to open his German meat market, that was founded in 1883. He implemented and utilized so many tools to open the market, that he had to expand and have local events for his customers. Although many of these companies formulate so many strategies to attract their target audience, their ad can be very misleading. Oscar Mayer presents two arguments of it being natural and not artificial. In the WomensHealth magazine, Oscar Mayer uses parts of nature to present that it’s natural, but the Hollywood sign in the background projects it to be artificial. Oscar Mayer has a lot of additives that make it a good product for the consumers, like the descriptive details of what’s in it. This advertisement challenges the socio economic status including gender and age. Also this advertisement shows different ideas for the consumers to figure out, that can sometimes be elusive when you analyze it. Although Oscar Mayer presents their product to everybody, Oscar Mayer opens the market more for women by having no added hormone ingredients, which could affect women’s maternal organs, whereas other products might have added hormones. The magazine that this ad is located in makes this type of product good for women because it’s in the WomensHealth magazine. These types of details or messages that

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