Osvaldo Case Study

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G1: Osvaldo will feel successful at school as evidenced by improved grades and verbalization of confidence.

O1: Osvaldo and foster mother will verbalize understanding about ADD and treatment options for ADD.

Intervention: MHP discussed with Osvaldo the benefits of positive behavior. MHP advised Osvaldo to accept personal responsibility for his behavior and academic performance. MHP recommended that Osvaldo uses the anger management techniques taught by MHP. MHP discussed with Osvaldo more effective strategies for anger and frustration. MHP advised Osvaldo to enhance his study skills. MHP discussed techniques to reduce in difficult situations. MHP recommended that Osvaldo associates with positive peers. MHP provided positive reinforcements …show more content…

He showed an adequate effort to participate in the session. Rapport was established and adequately maintained throughout the duration of the session. Osvaldo stated that his day was going well. He informed the MHP that he enjoyed school. His foster mother reported that his behavior has improved since the last session. She stated that she was going to give him his phone back. Osvaldo seemed very excited about attending the football game. He informed the MHP that he did not get in trouble at school. His foster mother stated that he has been very helpful with the kids in the home. Osvaldo stated that he has been reflecting on his behavior over the last few days. He mentioned that he identified areas that need improvement. Osvaldo noted that his behavior has not be consistent. He expressed a desire to work on his behavior and attitude. Osvaldo expressed interest in learning additional techniques for anger management. He mentioned that he needs to do a better job expressing his feelings. He stated that his study habits could be better. His foster mother mentioned that he could spend more time in his books. Osvaldo stated that he will focus more on his studies.
Next Plan: MHP will follow up with Osvaldo to see if the anger management strategies are working. MHP will provide educational activities to aid in his academic

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