Otc Drug Persuasive Speech

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I dont think I would be able to acknowledge symptoms because I havent ever done drugs before. I will be able to tell if something is going wrong in my body after an excessive amount of use of otc drugs.If a doctor doesnt prescribe me an otc drug than its a no for anybody else asking. 3. Today my firends and I went to an ally where we chill out and talk about our day. I look over and discover Amanda popping pills. I look at all of my friends and none of them are fazed. Why havent they told me? Do they really know how bad it is for you? I ask Amanda why are you doing this? She says, "Chill out, you dont even feel it". She lights up her pipe and tries to hand it to me but I refuse. Right after, Matt grabs it and takes a hit. Im in such a
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