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Ouija Board - An Unexpected Way To Reach The Afterlife
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Have you seen an Ouija board before? Have you tried working with it?

This board is claimed to be very mystical, mysterious and a tad intimidating. Not many experienced psychic mediums think of using it in their reading session; even some may feel nervous with this idea.

Rightfully so, Ouija is not something that you can take lightly. Indeed, it MUST be used with the responsibility and utmost care.

Nonetheless, if putting the fear aside, the Ouija board is an extremely powerful divination tool. It is believed to be able to connect you with the afterlife when utilized correctly.
What is Ouija?
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Ouija, also known as a spirit board or talking board, is a flat board with letters, numbers (0-9) and basic communication words (yes, no, hello and goodbye). The existence of Ouija was determined since the ancient time – maybe 1000
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In order to interact with Ouija, you should have a small heart-shaped pointer (planchette) of wood or plastic, firstly.

Place your fingers on the planchette and start asking your questions. The planchette itself will move or slide to the on-board letters. Put those letters into words and sentences and you’ll get what the Ouija board wants to tell you.

Definitely not a toy, this device, according to the most genuine intuitive, is likely to connect to entities in the spiritual realm.
What to Remember When Using Ouija?
Never bring the negative energy into the session whether you use the spirit board alone or in a group. Instead, for enlightening insight, everyone is supposed to stay in the positive state of mind.

Like any spiritual reading method, your energy is very important. The Ouija board will operate based on the radiated energy of the individual who is using it. If you interact with Ouija with fearful, scared, angry or possessive attitudes, then everything you receive in return will be in the same
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