Our Community Based Outreach Initiatives For Additional Physicians And Allied Health Personnel

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Goal: We plan to continue our current programs while expanding the scope and frequency of our community-based outreach initiatives to include additional physicians and allied health personnel.


Status: In 2015, the University of Arizona Health Network and Banner Health merged to form Banner University Medicine, consisting of Banner University Medical Center - Tucson, Banner University Medical Center - South Campus, Banner University Medical Center - Phoenix, and Banner University Medical Group. Including our academic medical centers, Banner Health owns and operates 29 hospitals across 7 states, providing extensive opportunities for expansion and integration at all levels.

Goal: Complete a divisional analysis of Strengths, …show more content…

By 2015, the Division of Trauma, Burns, Critical Care, and Emergency Surgery had swelled to 10 surgeons producing 74,315 RVUs at an aggregate 7.38 cFTE (10,070 RVUs per 1 cFTE) for the year. In January 2016 Dr. Donald Green and Dr. Rifat Latifi exited the university and the health system, followed by Dr. Peter Rhee in June 2016, reducing the division to 7 surgeons. In November 2016 Dr. Arpana Jain was recruited-in, bringing the division up to 8 surgeons, with an open slot for a 9th surgeon being actively recruited. As of November 2016, the division has produced 60,283 RVUs at an aggregate 5.96 cFTE (10,115 RVUs per 1 cFTE) for the year.

Dr. Rhee had served as the Division Chief since his faculty appointment in September 2007, thus his departure left somewhat of a void in the division; however, Dr. Terence O’Keeffe (who was one of Dr. Rhee’s first recruits and also serves as Chief of Staff) was immediately appointed Interim Division Chief and has stepped-up to take the challenge head-on, working closely with Dr. Neumayer and the administrative leadership team to ensure continuity of operations and continued positive trending in the division. At the close of 2016, the division is actively working on a SWOT analysis with the assistance of Professor Emeritus Charles Putnam MD, PhD. The SWOT analysis will lay the groundwork for future strategic planning, including determination of a permanent Division Chief.

The Department of Surgery’s most recent

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