Our Community Should Not Promote Elearning As A Good Pathway For Education After High School

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Globalization and automation is changing the way we educate in the Yakima Valley, nevertheless, our community should not promote eLearning as a good pathway for education after high school. Kurt Vonnegut, a famous American writer and World WarⅡveteran said, “Computers are no more your friends, and no more increasers of your brainpower, than slot machines…Only well-informed, warm-hearted people can teach others things they’ll always remember and love. Computers and TV don’t do that. A computer teaches a child what a computer can become. An educated human being teaches a child what a child can become!”. In making this statement, Vonnegut urges us to teach each other, be taught by each other, and to not authorize computers the power to …show more content…

What Ford is saying is that the students just don 't really care to complete the course and just quit. These students are very unmotivated to complete the course. Ford goes on to say when talking about an algebra class offered online,”90 percent of those coming directly from high school-failed the course” (134). Early Ford mentioned that this algebra class was offered for 150 dollars. Not only are the classes inexpensive but they allow students to take the class whenever, whenever, if ever.

One of the biggest concerns about online education today is something that Thomas Friedman calls the “ambition gap” (354). The new American generations are becoming less motivated and less ambitious than the rest of the world. Not only is sending american jobs to other countries cheaper but the individuals are much more productive and willing to do the work. Education Online would be enabling these next generation of students laziness. In a Ted Talks seminar, Anant Agarwal, the head of edX, tells his audience why Massive Open Online Courses still matter. Agarwal talks about the changing generations and how we ought to keep up with technology and embrace it in the way we educate. Agrawal insists,” so rather than driving our kids into a classroom, herding them out there at 8 o’clock in the morning-- I hated going to class at 8 o’clock in the morning, so why are we forcing our kids to do that? So instead what you do is have them watch

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