Our Research Involves Creating Peptoid Coated Flat Sheet

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Our research involves creating peptoid coated flat sheet membranes that will hopefully help prove that peptoids can coat artificial lungs to reduce biofouling and potentially prolong the patient’s life. A large healthcare issue in the United States’ is the amount of time people spend on the transplant waiting list before they receive a transplant. Every year, thousands of people are added to the lung transplant waiting list while the rate at which transplants are received has remained constant. The availability of an artificial lung would help to solve this problem. However, exposure to biological fluids leads to biofouling. These effects must be reduced so that the artificial lung can last longer and be more effective. Peptoids have…show more content…
Therefore, we must find a way to prevent biofouling. A potential way of preventing these problems is to create a membrane coated with a material that would prevent bodily substances from attaching to it. As said in the journal by Neda Mahmoudi this type of material is known as a low-fouling material. To be a low-fouling substance, this substance must be hydrophilic and electrically neutral. Being hydrophilic means that the molecule attaches to water molecule more easily rather than rejecting them. This is important because our body is 70% water and we want the substance to interact freely with it. This would help trick the body into thinking that the device is part of the body and not a foreign entity. Being electrically neutral means that peptoids do not have a net positive or negative charge. Having an electrically neutral substance coating a membrane is important because a majority of the body’s cellular processes involve the transfer of ions, and if the material has a net charge, this charge could disrupt these processes. While there might be many types of molecules with these properties, peptoids are the easiest to attach to membranes and are very easy to make in the lab. The journal by Park (2011) explains the unique qualities of peptoids. Peptoids are similar to peptides, which are chains of amino acids. The side chains of peptoids are attached to what is known as the backbone amine

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