Our Target Market Is Mostly College Students

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our target market is mostly college students ranging in age between 18-23 and the staff whose age ranges from 28-70. All of these people can become our customers, because everyone can get stressed out during finals. The average person has three basic meals during the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Normally, most people have dessert after lunch and dinner. The students that would purchase our product do not have an option of going home for meals, so a “home” cooked meal would allow students to feel like they were at home. At our university we have baked cookies in the cafeteria, but homemade baked-goods would easily be more popular than the cafeteria’s baking. The external environmental and demographic trends for our customer’s shows…show more content…
We hypothesis that we will receive the most income after meal hours when everyone is craving a sweet snack. Taking a survey of people’s favorite desserts would help us generate the most income. We would plan on serving the customers wants and delivering the desired dessert. ImageThe survey shows how many consumers order dessert once a week or more, by age group. In the age group 45 to 54 years, 33 percent of respondents ordered dessert at least once a week. Customer- Driven Market Strategy We will target the majority of Susquehanna University students and staff as to maximize the purchase of our products. We will attempt get as many people as possible interested by positioning ourselves in the campus center. Our mission is to satisfy the customers’ needs while simultaneously creating a high demand and thus a larger profit margin. Objectives: Purchase ingredients (Dylan, Cole) Bake Baked Goods and prepare Hot Chocolate (Henry, Jake, Ryan) Market and Sell Products. (Cole, Dylan, Henry, Jake, Ryan) Goal: Prepare 2 Batches of Cookies (120), prepare 4 Batches of brownies (48), and 2 Gallons of Hot Chocolate. Sell all products and maximize profits. Budget: One batch of homemade cookies will cost approximately $6.15. One batch of homemade brownies will cost approximately $3.14. One gallon of hot chocolate will cost approximately $4.88. This will make our total budget approximately $34.62. SWOT
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