Out Of Muscle Memory Narrative

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MY LAST ENTRY Some days I wonder if they miss me. Granted, what I did was unlawful and unforgivable. The trauma I have caused them is one wound that time is unable heal. I got what I deserved, and I had it coming to me. I woke up this morning to the unwelcoming voice of Garrett yelling, “Wake up maggot!” Out of muscle memory, I jolted out of bed, stood up straight and nearly saluted. It was at that moment I remembered that they did nothing better to me, just shipped me off to a third world country where I had to watch my brothers die in a senseless war. It only aided and abetted my drinking. Garrett opened my cage, letting me free for my sorrowful breakfast. Then again, if I don’t eat it it gets forced into my system through a pipe, but that

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