Outline And Outline Of Organizational Development And Strategies

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QUESTION #2: (addressing SLO #2 - summarize and explain organizational development and strategies common to technology-intensive enterprises & SLO #3 - formulate and assemble component ideas in order to successfully execute a project plan) NOTICE: The following questions are to be answered in your own words. Your responses to the questions are to be formulated solely from your personal body of knowledge developed and derived from your readings, study and research while in the Master of Science in Technology Management degree program. Quotations, citations or other materials included in your question responses must not come directly from the writings or research of others. Your responses are to be detailed and specific. The Information …show more content…

However, successful and effective implementation of these techniques depend on a number of factors key among them being organizational structure, organizational culture as well as the decision making strategies within an organization. Organizational structure plays an important role in the implementation of different types of strategies including cybersecurity. This is because the structure of an organization establishes a clear understanding of the processes required to achieve a given strategy. Organizational structure describes an entity’s internal pattern of communication, authority and relationships. It clearly outlines the manner in which power and authority within an organization is granted and shared as well as the role that different members of an organization should play. Organization structures often vary from one organization to another. This variation often depends on the size of the business, the industry within which the company is operating in to mention but a few. This means that the cybersecurity functions and mandate often vary from one organization to another. Implementation of cybersecurity is likely to be successful in organizations whose structure is formal and well-defined as opposed to those with an informal structure. Within a formal organizational structure, the roles and responsibilities of organizational leaders and other members of the organizations are usually well articulated. A formal

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