Outline Of A Successful Leader

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Kristen Hofner
November 11, 2014

To be a successful leader, you must motivate others to achieve their full potential, lead by example and be influential to your team. Memorable leaders all possess these key qualities, and when used correctly, will facilitate successful leadership. Even if a great leader innately possesses these qualities, leadership skills can also be developed and gained through building up your confidence, practice and experience. The basis of leadership is seizing the belief in yourself to take the lead, and putting your ideas forward in order for you to see change. The reality of finding myself in a role as a leader, has had a strong impact on my career growth. I’m no longer simply in a role with the sole
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By researching what makes a successful leader, I am ensuring that I will successfully navigate my leadership role. Being a leader means your team will look to you for answers and direction, which can put you under a lot of pressure at times, but you have to remain calm and communicate with your peers to get the best results. “Pratch, means the ability to be ready and able to adapt creatively and effectively to challenges and change.” Know and have a good sense of your self-worth and capability. There is a big divide between confidence and arrogance. Confidence comes from a strong sense of self-worth and self-awareness. Arrogance often comes from fear and a sense of entitlement in others. The best leaders are confident in what they know and can do from an objective view, not an assumed view. They test themselves to see what they are capable of, stretching and growing and learning. At the same time, they tend to be grounded, centered, stable people who are calm during a crisis, and solid in modeling their core values, even under pressure.
Successful leadership requires more than just assigning tasks to your team. It calls for a leader who can inspire and motivate team members to achieve their full potential. This includes providing a clear picture of the future and being able to communicate that to the team. Leadership means keeping your team motivated towards the continued success of the company,
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