Over The Past Few Decades Problems Have Emerged In Regards

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Over the past few decades problems have emerged in regards to the subject of divorce. Most of these problems focus on the notion that divorce is practically a sin and should be considered indissoluble. These absurd conclusions are essentially encouraged since “[o]ur divorce laws are rooted in the protestant concept of marital sin.” (Ehrlich, p. 174) However, times have changed and the horrendous reputation divorce has received should change right along side the changing times. The thought that all divorces are similar needs to be dropped, and the American people need to rise above past presumptions and educate themselves on the variety of options divorce has come to offer to struggling married couples. After all, those who are seeking a …show more content…

Though this is not totally incorrect, there are some flaws with this train of thought. Divorce is a personal matter, however, States have obligations to their citizens, therefore, States do in fact have an interest in marriage and divorce to a certain extent. Case in point, minors often fall victim to hardships when a divorce occurs between their parents. Since these minors do not have the ability to stand up for themselves in a Court of law, the State in which the married couple and the children reside in must step up and look out for the well being of the child. Along side this idea comes the idea that divorce is not an act that affects just the married couple, or even just the married couple and their children. Divorce affects a couple’s family, their friends, and other community members. In order to ensure that a divorce hurts as few people as possible and is as fair as possible, the State must intervene and act as a neutral party, even if it is just by means of passing laws to provide limitations. Said limitations can serve as a double edged sword; they ensuring the best possible outcome, yet they also serve to prove that marriage is not a game, but instead, it is a serious commitment. By proving the seriousness of marriage and the impact divorce can have, limitations also stand to attempt to eliminate gold diggers’s ability to work the system and take advantage of naive, wealthy citizens. As a whole, American’s

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