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Over the time of this course writing portfolio essays has really helped me. My favorite highlights of my essays include: Character Education, The Power of Technology, and Statistics in the Classroom. Character education defines how a child should act morally and is one of the most important lessons to learn in a classroom. Parents have to teach right from wrong, but teachers spend large amounts of time with their students and need to enforce what parents have taught to their children. The power of technology highlights the expanding use of devices rather than usage of textbooks and pencils. I learned that language development is crucial at a young age and I think the introduction of words can be done respectively through technology.…show more content…
Every math lesson and reading assignment can be resourceful someday in your future. Every little detail your teacher decides to tell you about is important otherwise he/she would have never bothered to say it. Listen and learn because teachers are trying to prepare you for your future out in the real world. Trust your educators, they have experienced more. Take every bit of your education and soak it all in. The role of a teacher is very complicated. Teach your students academic values in unique ways that each individual student can understand. Teach students about morals in classroom settings and real world settings. Prepare your students to progress in education. Tell them your expectations and future expectations so their are no surprises and few conflicts. Make your students feel comfortable in your classroom and tell them when you are available if they need anything. Break educational standards, make learning enjoyable instead of required. Be that teacher that everyone loves, it will make the job so much more rewarding and might give some of your students something to look forward to each day. Most importantly, keep your students safe. Protect them from themselves, their peers, and those on the outside of the school walls. That is your most important job as a educator. As a parent you should have circle of people who surround your child. This is your child’s team, meaning those important individuals who support

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