Overcoming The Under Performing Teams

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Overcoming Under Performing Teams
A recent meeting of managers unveiled a concerning issue to corporate management. Many of the teams created during a recent merger have failed to perform to the expectations of the company’s leadership. During this meeting a discussion occurred as to why some managers were successful and others were not. The root of the issues revealed that amongst the successful teams was found a positive attitude and willingness to work together not seen on the teams that were struggling. The heart of the positivity and team cohesion was the manager who fostered an environment of openness and self- management, yet kept the team focused on company’s strategy at all times.
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My recommendation is to create a mentorship program for managers that allow them to shadow other successful managers to observe methods and character traits that allow them to inspire rather than command. It is often said in the military, which is made up of thousands of small high performing teams, that a successful team is often one that performs well in the absence of its leader.
Secondly, high performing teams understood where they were, where they are going and how they were going to get there and it was all linked to goals. Successful teams set achievable goals and create a road map on how to follow them with goals in between and beyond the company’s mission statement. In setting team goals they ensure to set individual goals that begin by defining the roles of each individual on the team. Successful managers clearly express expectations and ensure individual goals align with team goals which result in alignment with company goals (Abdallah & Ahluwalia, 2013). When teams met, meetings were highly organized and managers were able to seamlessly move from person to person and accurately gage where each members contributions stood in relation to team and corporate goals. Members were highly engaged and involved with each other, collaborating and assisting each other with completing tasks.
Within the poorly performing teams there was found to be a

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