The War Of The Vietnam War

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As Nicholas Lemann once said, “Everything is pretty much the same on the surface. Underneath, everything is different. We have no center. Our parents did… People like me assumed the American enterprise was noble, rebelled against it for a time, and then joined it, not out of sincere belief of our parents but there was no choice. That’s why today, although we’re better educated than they were we vote less. It’s why… we feel no loyalty to our employers. Its why marriage and children scare us… When that is the way you are, how do you conduct your life?” The Vietnam War killed over fifty eight thousand Americans and over 61% of the men killed were 21 years or younger. Most Americans are conflicted with the fact whether the Anti War Movement …show more content…

“The anti war movement, neither lost the war, nor caused the subsequent bloodbath in Southeast Asia” (p.345) “None of these sources of American defeat was set in motion or significantly worsened either by antiwar activism.” (p.346) It is clear that the anti war movement did not contribute to the loss in Vietnam.

In terms of the reasons for America to join the fight in Vietnam the movement was “right but for the wrong reasons.” (p.346) “The war’s sources had nothing to do with the sinister face of corporate capitalism, but the war was a mistake.” They had been a constant argument that “...the anti war movement saved American lives but did not sacrifice Asians because the war was unwinnable.” (p.346) And that whatever was going to happen would have taken place regardless.

Although American participation in the war created more chaos in Cambodia but it couldn 't have made anything better. While others continue to blame the loss of the war on the anti war movement and other related maladies on the home front. “Even if we discount the impact of the movement, it is still no simple matter to determine how much of what happened in Southeast Asia after 1975 was the fault

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