Overpopulation Is A Major Challenge That Humans Face Today

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Overpopulation is a major challenge that humans face today. The human population is close to 8 billion, and at our current birthrate, we are adding nearly one billion more people every 12 years. Issues such as dependence of natural resources, degradation of the environment, poverty, and unemployment, are root causes of overpopulation. Though opponents of this theory, such as Erle C. Ellis uses archeological records, and the history of human evolution to argue against overpopulation. Robert Walker, on the other hand, disagrees. He uses scientific explanation to anticipate that all living beings on earth will are under torment as they die off due to: erosion of natural resources, mainly food, and water. Next, Joel Kotkin claims that an …show more content…

Many years later, they extracted nutrients from the species by cooking them, and used different woods for enhanced hunting outcomes. Ellis points out that these innovations are still being used before since the last ice age ended. So, if hunter-gatherers were, therefore, successful worldwide at that time, human innovation will adapt. Ellis further argues that, the planet’s carrying capacity of hunter-gatherers was not any more than 100 million. Without their stone tools, he argues, the amount would be a lot less. The creation of agriculture, eventually empowered a higher population growth, which needed more land-use. Although the population is much greater now, approximately 7.2 billion, society has adapted with innovation. In contrast to a UN assessment, Ellis believes that a peak population is sustainable if obligatory investments are finalizing in the substructure and conducive trade, supplemented with anti-scarceness and food security strategies. , For instance, Chinese agriculture, shows that population growth will increase efficiency; this is because the relationship between population and economic wealth displays an increase of productivity. As the population rises, so does the productivity that matches the stock of food available, this is due to Anthropocene. Anthropocene suggests that people essentially live in human-dominated environments, which is being changed for our livelihood. Society is transformed

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