Own Unique Way Of Running A Store. Sometimes Merchandising

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own unique way of running a store. Sometimes merchandising is presented differently. The services can also vary from location to location, this depends on the demographics of the area.
One of the ways Sneerglaw does their branding is by promoting health. Outside of store, Sneerglaw does a great job at making sure they want their customers to be healthy. An area of opportunity would be to implement health in the stores as well. For example, a designated location in the store that displays healthy, organic food would allow for healthier shopping. This idea can be used for organic beauty products and natural vitamins as well. Because health awareness is a very big movement, this could allow Sneerglaw to grow their sales. Also, …show more content…

Pharmacies in grocery stores are a threat because they offer similar conveniences that Sneerglaw offers. Generic inflation is also another issue that Sneerglaw faces. The cost of generic drugs increased dramatically in 2014. In 2015 the inflation is expected to continue.
Leadership Evaluation
Vizcarrondo illustrates the behavioral leadership theory. How a leader behaves is reflected in the company’s success or failure. There are two types of behaviors: attention to tasks and attention to people. Our CEO is very task oriented, and he directs his employees’ work activities to reach a goal; this describes initiating structure.
One of Vizcarrondo’s strengths is that his goal is to create a global company. He “outlined his plans for China-the world’s third biggest pharmaceutical market…[he] cannot create a global company without being in Europe and in the U.S. and in Asia, particularly China” (Treadgold, 2016). Planning to open stores in China will help Sneerglaw dive deeper into the pharmaceutical market and expand. Being a global company is ambitious, and there are many steps required to accomplish this goal. In order to do so, each department in Sneerglaw has its duties and responsibilities. Through the hierarchy, tasks are delegated and expected to be completed on time.
Another strength to being task oriented is following the right procedures while being strategic. Vizcarrondo is an advocate of discipline, his “golden rule is that a good deal

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