Oxford University Importance

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Oxford University is one of the oldest Universities in existence. It is located in Oxford England about 50 miles northwest of London and is the oldest University in England. Oxford University is important because it is vital to not just people in England, but to the whole world at large. It has been first and foremost in setting standards for teaching and learning. Oxford has been known for exceptional communication skills which were needed in trade between countries and smaller entities for universal progress among people. What can I say then, Oxford University helped lead the way to progressiveness internationally and continuing to stand tall amongst the greatest and the best known of its kind. Oxford is a university to be reckoned with .
The early school of Oxford was a gill, an organization of tradesmen whose chief purpose was to control teaching by limiting the number of teachers. There are some indicators concerning the origin of the institution. From all indications the masters elected one of their member as head officer and gave him the title of chancellor. The head of the university bears this title. The students organized themselves into groups much like modern college fraternities. Nevertheless there is a record of lectures from other european countries at oxford as early as 1117. Between 1167 and 1168 foreign students were expelled from the University of Paris after relations between england and paris broke off . Consequently, many students from

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