P & G Competitive Advantage

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Some of the world’s most well-known brands come from Procter & Gamble. Indeed, as the world's largest consumer goods company that markets more than 300 brands globally in over 180 countries, P&G positioned itself as the leader in its market. Furthermore, with its diversified product portfolio the company is accounted for in 6 segment: beauty, fabric, health, baby, home, family and personal care products. The company's product portfolio also includes pet health products and snacks. Thanks to this two factors, P&G find itself with a significant competitive advantage. However, slowdown in global economic condition is making it increasingly difficult for branded product manufacturers like P&G to maintain their sales volume and revenue growth.…show more content…
P&G is the global market leader in oral care, health care segment (Actonel, Crest, and Oral-B), fabric care (market share 33%, Ariel and Tide), baby care (MS 32%, Pampers) and manual blades and razors segment (MS 70%, Gillette). A leading market position and different kind of products in each major category enables P&G competitive advantage, stabilizes its financial growth and protect itself against demand fluctuations for certain
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