Procter & Gamble Competitive Advantage

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Information technology is of great importance in this century 21, where life depends on rapid technological development. In the business world, information technology has been a big difference since its emergence as it helps in the development of both domestic and international sectors. Before Information technology in companies was more hierarchical in the transmission of information (misinformation). With the advent of information technology, the transfer of information has become much easier than ever and it was one of the most important reasons for the emergence of competitive advantages (SHARIRO, RG 2016). Information technology is one of the reasons why business technology is helping to enter the new market better and more at the present…show more content…
The founder of the company is William Potter. The role of IT in P&G is very large as the company stated in its website that the business and innovation in IT for the company is one of the most important reasons for the emergence of competitive advantage and development. one of the positive aspects of the IT in the company protection which has a great impact on its protected of the company's system, and also help in the production strategy for the development and raising of business activity through an increase, also easy connected with suppler. The link between innovation and R&D department in high and strong for P&G company, where they spend large cost, which is over $ 100 million per year in order to increase the development of products in the production, and thus the results of this spending and lifting of the percentage of innovation increased in the competitive advantage. The company established 55.2% of the new and innovative products in 2011, which attracted the attention of many newspapers and scientific researchers on how to increase innovation and create competitive advantage. P&G has a long history in Innovation and new product offerings because of their interest in the business in the…show more content…
One of the main reasons for this proposal was to help many organizations use technology to gain insight into their behavior and customer base and increase their sales (Bligh, 2004).
With the management of customer relationships in Internet networks, businesses can increase inputs by assessing what customers want from products and services, discovering new customers and retaining old customers (Bush and Rocco,
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