PHR Reflection

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It is a very interesting question. I must admit my answer varies considerably, based on who asks the question. To my parents, family and friends that the majority of whom are in or were in Health Care roles or related fields supporting Health Care IT in facilities. I say the class relates to the systems designed to capture all data surrounding the functioning and services supported by health care facilities, providers and recipients. Then turn this information into information to support treatment, billing, procedure and disease tracking, and enhance patient safety. It too covers the rules and regulations set forth by varying authority and accrediting agencies on the appropriate and proper acquisition, use, and dissemination of the information. This group, being so close to the topic, was the most free in expressing their …show more content…

Also, I share with them they have the right to see and monitor their information, as well as, an obligation to contribute to their Personal Health Record (PHR) and validate the accuracy.
In summary, I try to convey that this course is comprehensive in nature and touches multiple aspects of the health care structure, both internal and external aspects. It deals with obtaining an understanding of types of health care information and systems, accreditation and associated agencies, changes in processes over the years, electronic health records and their importance, and most of all the vital importance of accuracy of health care data. Also, I convey the course includes the ethics involved, the implementation and benefits and risks associated with changing

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