Paddling : One Of My Favorite Passions

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Paddling is one of my favorite passions, and even though I haven’t been doing it for very long, I really love it. I started doing paddling about three and a half years ago, when I first moved to Hawaii from Washington state. The only reason that I actually did it was my parents, who were encouraging me to take part in the sport in order to become closer to Hawaiian culture. I didn’t like it at first, it wasn’t like anything I’d ever done on the mainland. I felt that it was too hard, and unfamiliar, but my parents kept pushing me to stick with it. After a while, I began to notice the things that were good about paddling, instead of the bad. The ocean was beautiful, and full of surprises like fun waves or a rare turtle that we got to see. I had never done a water sport before, and I was just realizing how great it could be. I started to really enjoy paddling, and practiced more, doing exercised off the beach, at home and in the park. Fast forward to now, I have done about five seasons of paddling, and hope to continue it once I’m in highschool, and paddle to represent Punahou’s team! I even paddle two seasons a year, once in winter for the Makalei club, and a more serious summer team, Lanikai. Both seasons I compete in races, and bring home medals for my team!

In paddling, there are many ways to connect the sport to math. The most obvious way would probably be the changes. In paddling, you can’t paddle the whole race on just one side, or you would be uneven. So, about
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