Paleolithic Cave Art Research Paper

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Paleolithic cave art dates back to around 82,000 years ago.
After all, Paleolithic cave art is the oldest art that is known to the world today. The art in the caves was representational art to express what was going on in their daily lives, such as the food they ate, the weapons they used and their hunting lives were documented. Therefore, A large portion of Paleolithic art was created to express ideas to teach the future generations of hunters and gatherers.

Not only would the stone age people express what they were hunting through drawings, but they would also keep an inventory as well. For example, they would tally how many animals were killed that day. They used it as future reference for animal migration patterns. This was helpful because these people were Nomads, people who don’t stay in one place, mostly because of agriculture, hunting and weather. “Some have argued that such images are records of hunts that served not only to inventory the amount of animals killed as well as future references for animal migration patterns.” (The writers at the New World Encyclopedia, 2013). The cave art also provided information about
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The bow and arrow allowed them to kill animals from further distances,therefore they were a safer distance away from their prey. These were mostly built from animal bones and Another useful weapon they used during this period was the axe. The use of the axe was similar to the use of the bow and arrow. For example, the axe was also used for killing animals such as pigs or cows. A techniques that they used that made them successful was fire. Another technique that was used in their everyday hunting lives was knapping. In this case they would knap flaky stones, such as flint, chert, or obsidian. . The process of knapping included the chipping of stones into sharp shapes so they could manufacture weapons and
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