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Panera Bread Case Study: Rising Fortunes?

Executive Summary:
In 1993, AU Bon Pain Company purchased the Saint Louis Bread Company. In 1995, top management at Au Bon Pain instituted a comprehensive overhaul of the newly-acquired Saint Louis Bread locations. The overhaul included altering the menu and the dining atmosphere. The vision was to create a specialty cafe anchored by an authentic, fresh-dough artisan bakery and upscale quick-service menu selections. This acquisition proved successful for Au Bon Pain. Between 1993 and 1997, average unit volumes at the revamped locations increased by 75% and over 100 additional locations were opened. In 1997, the bakery-cafes were renamed Panera bread in markets outside of St Louis.
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Its artisan breads, which were breads made with all natural ingredients and an artisan’s attention to quality and detail, and overall award-winning bakery expertise were at the heart of the concepts menu. The concept was designed to deliver against the key consumer trends, specially the need fro a responsive and more special dining experience than that offered by traditional fast food. The company’s goal was to make Panera bread a nationally dominate brand name. Its menu,prototype,operating systems, design, and real estate strategy allowed it to compete successfully in several sub-businesses:breakfast,lunch,PM chill-out,lunch in the evening and take-home bread.
Government regulation:
Each fresh dough facility and Company-owned and franchise-operated bakery-cafe is subject to regulation and licensing by federal agencies, as well as to licensing and regulation by state and local health, sanitation, safety, fire, and other governmental departments. Difficulties or failures in obtaining and retaining the required licensing or approval could result in delays or cancellations in the opening of fresh dough facilities or bakery-cafes as well as fines and possible closure relating to existing fresh dough facilities or bakery-cafes. In addition, they are subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act and various state laws governing such matters as minimum wages, overtime, and other working conditions.
They are also subject

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