Pantam's Alternate Ending

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Once upon a time, there once was a small nation known as Pantam. Pantam was ruled by King Carter and his beautiful daughter Princess Sophia. One day King Carter was faced with a problem, the kingdom was beginning a downfall. King Carter didn’t want to let his people suffer so he knew he had to tie his country to another for support. In doing so he had to arrange a his daughter to marry a prince from another nation. Prince Charles from Wooloo, the one that will help save Pamtam
After the Kings of both nations had agreed on the arrangement, King Carter had to break the news to Sophia. “How could you do something so drastic and not tell me? Who said I would even go along with this?” Sophia exclaimed. “ Sophia it’s your duty. You’re a princesses you have to look out for your people” said the King. Before King Carter could say anything else she cut him off and said “ I’ll do this for the people but not for you”. Sophia fled the room with tears creeping up and her heart dropping. She ran outside to the blooming gardens. Once she knew she was alone she dropped to her knees beginning to …show more content…

I will marry Luke. We have a connection. The type of connection you always told me that you and mum had.” with a slight smirk coming across his face he nodded and said “ I’ve never been able to argue with you. As long as you’re happy so am I”. King Carter then has his servant fetch the King and they came to the conclusion of the wedding continuing as planned but with Luke and Sophia. They spent the two days before the wedding laughing, talking, and adventuring. Anything as long as they were together.One they day of their wedding, as King Carter walked Sophia down the aisle with tears appearing in his eyes he kisses her and hands her to Luke, Luke whispers in her ear “ I will love you forever” then leans in and gives her a kiss. And they lived happily ever

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