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Executive summary TWG Tea is an internationally recognized luxury tea brand established in Singapore and targeted toward affluent consumers. Australia is identified as offering strong future growth opportunities for the brand. Australia’s tea-drinking culture is already well established due to their former colonial ties with Britain. High disposable income has lead to luxury items becoming accessible to a large share of the Australian population. Competition within the teashop market also remains relatively low, with no competition currently existing within the luxury market. It is therefore recommended that TWG Tea use a contingency approach to enter the Australian market, making minor adaptations to their product offerings and…show more content…
when flying Singapore Airlines). They also use sales promotions in store, such as free samples, to reward purchases. People A major competitive advantage of TWG Tea is their highly trained service personnel, who have an extensive knowledge of tea, and provide exceptionally high levels of customer service. TWG Tea also employs their own executive pastry chef to prepare all of their handcrafted pastries. Process The store is divided into various stations (tea counter, pastry counter, teahouse) to ensure quick and efficient service and that enough time can be spent with each customer. TWG Tea tries to offer a unique shopping experience by allowing customers to select, view and smell different tea blends from their collection. Fresh cut tea is measured out onto old-fashioned brass weighing scales in front of the customer, before it is sealed and beautifully packaged. Physical evidence TWG Tea positions itself as a luxury brand through its in-store atmosphere and presentation. Its Italian marble floors, hard wood counters and nostalgic furnishings transform customers back to an elegant teahouse of the 19th Century. Service personnel dress in formal attire and great attention is given to front window displays, which include an assortment of fine bone china teacups and teapots. Classical music is played throughout their stores and their website to further

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