Paradigm In Africa And The Rain

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Anthropology looks to study various aspects of humans in the past and contemporary societies. More specifically, cultural anthropology related to the norms and values of societies. Cultural anthropology looks at society through a lens that reflects intersectionality and therefore takes into account a multitude of attributes that build a society and how the societies have evolved throughout time. Everyone has their own paradigm, or the way they see the world. Paradigm is an incredibly important anthropological theme because of its utilization when analyzing. Even the Rain, a Spanish film, is an extraordinary example of the implications of how societies are built and maintained. The film at its core, depicted many characteristics of society that can be analyzed anthropologically. During the film, it is evident that there are many ways in which there is an unequal distribution of resources caused naturally and politically. The city of Cochabamba, located in the nation of Bolivia, is the focus of this film. The city is lacks environmental and food justice in reference to the indigenous people, the Tainos. Habitants of the impoverished city of Cochabamba lacked the funds and availability to obtain drinking water for their families leading to a major rebellion known as the Water War. Deficiency of access to water and nutritious food are critically important anthropologically because they are crucial factors for successful societies as shown by Jared Diamond and the roots of

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