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4. Natural History Museums
Natural History Museums are institutions that collect, display and research materials, collected or extracted from the natural world. The multifaceted purpose of such a museum is to: (i) build or store natural history collections, (ii) conduct research and interpret the results, (iii) support the purpose of science and biological conservation, (iv) enhance public understanding and appreciation of the natural world, and (v) collaborate with the public in deriving their own meaning from the natural heritage they encounter in the museum and in nature.
The Oriental Museum of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, established in Calcutta in 1814, had various natural history objects on display from its inception. During last two hundred years, sixty natural history museums or natural history galleries were set up in various parts of the country. The distribution …show more content…

Next was the Natural History Museum, set up in the premises of Kerala State Museum and Zoological Garden in Thrissur (1885), Gass Forest Museum was established in Coimbatore in 1902. Next was the Bengal Natural History Museum set up in Darjeeling in 1903. A Museum of Arthropoda was opened in Pune in 1961. A large natural history museum was opened in Thiruvananthapuram in 1964. Two natural history museums were attached to the nearest zoological gardens in Ahmedabad (1974) and Hyderabad (1979). Two natural history museums were opened in the northeast, namely, Assam Forest Museum (1983) in Guwahati and Biological Museum (1998) in Imphal. Five natural history museums with thematic galleries and extensive educational activities were established in New Delhi (1978), Mysore (1995), Bhopal (1997), Bhubaneswar (2004), and Sawai Madhopur (2014). A government natural history museum was established in Chandigarh in 2001 and another such private museum was opened at Thar in Rajasthan

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