Parent Teacher Conference ( Survey # 4 )

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Parent Teacher Conference (Survey #4): Teacher Ms. Elizabeth: Good evening Mrs. Depablos, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am happy to discuss Christiana’s educational progress. Mrs. Depablos: Nice to meet you Ms. Elizabeth. Christina has spoken a lot about you; great things by the way. Teacher Ms. Elizabeth: I am glad to hear that. I want you to know, I am here to build a great relationship with Christina, while helping her enhance her development, and her educational progress. Teacher Ms. Elizabeth: Can I ask, what is your relationship to Christina? Mrs. Depablos: Sure- I am Christiana’s aunt. To tell you a little about Christina; she was a foster baby, her mother and father were trying to overcome a few challenges, but never got better. Christina was put in the foster system. I was able to get full custody of Christina, and currently adopted her as my own daughter. Please feel free to inform me of Christina’s progress; I would like to be involved in her educational studies. Christina is fluently in Spanish, as she was born in Colombia. She just recently came to the United States 9 months ago, and is learning the English language. Teacher Ms. Elizabeth: Thank you for that information Mrs Depablos. This will truly help me know a little more about Christina. I am here to help her in all areas possible. Mrs. Depablos: Thank you Ms. Elizabeth. My concern is Christina’s language, social, and emotional skills. Can I ask you, Since Christina can’t communicate in English to her
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