Parental Involvement Among Different Cultures : Implications And Strategies For Families And Educators

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Parental Involvement among Different Cultures: Implications and Strategies for Families and Educators in the United States
Sarah Cain
St. Petersburg College

It may come to no surprise to many families and educators in the United States that families actively participating in their children’s academic life (school, homework, extracurricular activities) is a key component in unlocking their children(s)’ success in school. The struggle that educators face is the lack of understanding or lack of knowledge about how families in other cultures view parental involvement. It is important for educators to understand that not all families will have the same viewpoints on parental involvement, and educators themselves may have different opinions about parental involvement that are not unanimously shared among colleagues. This research paper aims to provide an in depth review of how parental involvement is viewed in different cultures present in the United States. This paper will provide discussion regarding how differing culture views affect education in the classroom. Furthermore, this paper should provide educators with strategies on how to recognize, accept, and encourage family participation in all cultures present in the United States. This paper will focus on cultural views from European American Families, Hispanic/Latino Americans, and cultural views based on family dynamics (single parents, income-classes, same-sex parents).
Keywords: Family Involvement, Family

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