Parenting Techniques for Babies Essay

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In western culture, babies are bombarded with distractions. This is not only to keep them occupied, but also to keep the parents content with the behavior of the child. The prevailing parenting technique in our culture, therefore, seems to be that of constantly stimulating the child in order to somehow produce some sort of super baby. With new distractions and studies arriving daily that are meant to boost the earliest form of intellect within the child, you would expect the babies who are raised in this society to end up being geniuses by the age of 5. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. When all is said and done, a baby is still a baby. This is something that the mothers in a small village within Opuwo, Namibia, have never …show more content…

He refers to the idea a theorist explored being that, “Lamb suggests that being responsible doesn’t necessarily involved direct interaction with the child; the anxiety, worry, and contingency planning that comprise paternal responsibility often occurs when the father is doing something else”(Page 251 of 250-256). This proves that even though Ponijao may not have constant interaction with her Father, he still shapes the child she is today.
Based on my research conducted on children’s toys earlier in unit one, I had the chance to analyze and understand the impact that they have on the development and functioning of the child. Reflecting back on my own experience with toys, I concluded that certain toys in my childhood had a significant impact on my development, while other toys may have hindered my maturation. For instance, playing with blocks and creating structures allowed my creative outlet to develop while utilizing my faculty of wonder, as well as my understanding of and balance and physical awareness. In spite of that, the overall quantity of toys that I had acquired over the years of my childhood, had caused me to rely on materialistic entities as a source of distraction, and as I developed I looked to find satisfaction in material objects. In contrast to this, Ponijao’s exposure to toys is very limited in comparison to the sources of entertainment the other children in the film are familiarized with, based on the progress of

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