Parents And The Quality Child Care Program

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Parents’ involvement in the Early Childhood Program is very important to enrich the quality child care program. Some family may show lot of enthusiasm and interest while others may show little interest to involve in the program. As mentioned by Essa and Young, “Regardless of the extent or type of involvement, an involved parents is a far greater asset to the program than an uninvolved one, since planning, implementing, and evaluating becomes a team effort” (2003, p. 184).This program is a team work where three important players children, parents and teacher work together to achieve the goal of the program. Parents might contribute to the program in the following ways:
1. Excellent source of resources: Parents are an excellent source of resources to the program. Different parents have different expertise and skills which they can share with teacher and children and can be a part of the curriculum. For example, if any parents is working as yoga instructor, he or she can teach some basic yoga poses and techniques to the children which help children to be more focused. If any Parents is working in the health sector, may give talk to the children about basic health and hygiene practices. Parents working in the farming land can arrange short field trip for the children where they get the opportunity to see fruits and vegetables growing and by visiting the farm animals like cows, goats and chicken they also get the knowledge of the production of eggs, milk, cheese and other

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