Parents Extinguish The Gender Role Fire

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Parents Extinguish the Gender Role Fire
Being a parent is a full time job because parents and guardians have such a great influence on children and never get a day off. As a child one of the first experiences encountered will gender roles. There is a standing misconception that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. People still buy dolls for girls and cars for boys however the times have changed and some people feel that gender roles have restricted our society rather than benefited it.
Parents are the first to restrict their children to conforming and being a certain way. They tell their kids that they can be anything then undermine that by not allowing them to see diverse gender roles. For example according to the website, showing “men and women in non-stereotypical and diverse gender roles like male nurses, female police officers, stay at home dads and working moms” allows children to become familiar with diversity. Children can see that gender does not matter and that they can truly do whatever their hearts desire. Parents often discriminate between boys and girls, it is a habit that is hard to break because of terms like daddy’s little princess but what happens when she wants to be daddy’s little solider? The environment around children often shape their view of the world. Susan D. Witt who wrote the article “Parental Influence on Children 's Socialization to Gender Roles” states that “parents encourage their sons and daughters to participate in

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