Parents Guide : Dos And Don ' Ts

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Parents Guide - Dos and Don 'ts
By Laura Kaine | Submitted On December 05, 2011

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Expert Author Laura Kaine
As parents, we often think that we don 't need a parents guide, that we should instinctively know how to discipline our kids, end tantrums, etc. The reality is that the great majority of parents do need a parents guide because parenting has to be learned!

In this short but hopefully helpful parents guide, I 'm going to give simple but essential dos and don 'ts that any parent should know and apply. These guidelines will not only help you strengthen the bond with your child but will also help you teach respect and discipline in order for your child to obey the rules and understand them. The dos and don 'ts of this parents guide are the basics of a good parenting style.


Do talk in a quiet voice. Raising your voice is never effective and pushes your child to yell back. It also shows your child that you have no real control over the situation.
Do tell your child you love him as often as possible, especially when you punish his bad behavior as children tend to think we love them less when we punish them. Make clear it 's his behavior that isn…
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