Park Avenue Skin Care

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Portfolio: Park Avenue Skin Care
Comprehensive Marketing Plan

By: Linda S. Hollands
Colorado State University Global Campus
Module 8: Critical Thinking
Instructor: Dr. Eva Ananiewicz
October 22, 2012

I. Overview

II. Situation and analysis a) History b) Background c) Culture d) Economy

III. Product a) Market Objectives – Understanding the various needs of the people b) Consumer Buying Habits c) Target Market – Women 18 years and up d) Pricing e) Advertising

IV. SWOT Analysis a) Strengths b) Weakness c) Opportunities d) Threats

V. Resource Requirements a) Finances b) Personnel c) Distribution

VI. Conclusion

Park Avenue Skin Care
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The government, as a socialist entity, has policies that publically fund health care, progressive taxes, outlaws capital punishment, tries to eliminate poverty, emphases on cultural diversity, and have legalized same-sex marriage.
Canada is a country that is rich in natural resources and maintains an economy that is service based. The natural resources allow Canada to support its own manufacturing and maintain a strong export base. Although Canada does have a manufacturing portion to its economy, the service industry is the largest area of Canada’s economic growth.

Product Canada seems to mimic the United States when it comes to skin care. However, the French side of Canada has always valued having beautiful skin and using skin care products to maintain their beauty. Like most of the world, Canadians wait until they see lines or wrinkles before they start worrying about revising the condition. Today people know that they live in their skin, the largest organ in the human body that protects them from the elements and holds all other components together. They also realize that they have to start protecting their skin earlier in life from overexposure to the sun through the use of products that protect and moisturize the skin to help maintain its health.
As consumers become more educated in the products they use and hold companies that produce them more accountable they are demanding products that are more natural. One example
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