Parker - Core Competency Project: Week 2

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In this project, I will describe a scenario in which I am developing within my own ministry to engage people in helping them think theologically. The Church today is suffering greatly because many people are not engaged in Scripture, practicing spiritual disciplines, or thinking theologically. I hope to create a pattern to correct that and give them the ability to not just learn a little each week from a sermon, but take everything that comes at them and learn from it, while giving them the ability to teach others as well.
Examining three models found in this week’s reading, Aware-Engage-Apply (Grenz and Olson 129-130), Attending-Asserting-Acting (Christian Thinking) and Analysis-Reflection-Application (Umbel), each three-fold model had the same basic principle: intake of knowledge, processing that knowledge, and using that knowledge. In order for this to be effective, I will need to address each of the three legs so that everything remains balanced. First, the intake of knowledge (other models use awareness, analysis, or attending), must be biblical sound. If people are to think theologically, they must be taught theologically first, which means we must teach them to Word of God in its entirety, not just select Scriptures to back up our thought of the day.
The second leg of thinking is the processing of that knowledge; once a believer receives knowledge, he or she must know how to process that information in light of God and the Scriptures. While everyone thinks

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