Part I: Introduction To Evidence Based Practice. “Evidence-Based

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Part I: Introduction to Evidence Based Practice “Evidence-based practice (EBP) is an approach to health care wherein health professionals use the best evidence possible, i.e., the most appropriate information available, to make clinical decisions for individual patients” (McKibbon, 1998). It is patient/family centered and involves complex and contentious decision making that is based on evidence available as well as the patient situations, characteristics and preferences. The evidence found does not make the decision, but helps support the patient care process. Health care is ever changing and involves multiple different aspects that evidence based practice gives the health care providers the formalization of the care process. There are …show more content…

Some barriers to implementing evidence based practice include: lack of education, lack of organization, lack of time, geographical location, absence of literature to research, and the lack of willingness by staff (Melnyk, 2016). When people recognize that there are barriers involved in implementing evidence based practice, a plan should be made to eliminate as many of these barriers as possible. Despite the fact that nurses report that EBP leads to greater professional satisfaction and patient care, they are not consistently using it. “The two most frequent barriers to EBP, however, were a lack of time and an organizational culture that didn 't support it—getting past workplace resistance and the constraining power of the phrase, “That 's the way we 've always done it here” (Wallace, 2012). Some ways to implement evidence based practice include: incorporating education about EBP in order to start promoting the critical thinking and research interest. Part II: Experience With Evidence Based Practice Evidence based practice is critical to undergraduate nursing education. While working in a hospital there are going to be many experiences that nursing students will get to go through this process. While working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) on a Medical Surgical floor, the author has gained an abundant amount of experience with this. One of the most important things they learned was the evidence behind

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