Partnership And Relationships With Children

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I. Partnership and relationships with :
A) Children:
1. I belief children learn best when that feel safe, happy and respected as this helps children to have a strong sense of identity ( outcome 1- The early years learning Framework for Australia) I will put into my practice
 Build safety environment and give warm to children
 Develop good relationships with children and their family, I specially need to build trust with children when the first day I meet them (Erik Erikson).
 I will listen to children’ interests which underpin my teaching programme. I will support when the children need me and follow their ways for developing their skills, and I will respect their culture and language
2. I believe children learn …show more content…

We need to work in partnership with families to ensure learning experience are meaningful and decision – making is shared (Code of Ethics). I will put into my practice:
 Build trust with family as first time I see them so when I build trust with family that mean I build trust with children. I will listen and respect their cultural practices and belief such as: food preferences and clothing choices.
 Create a feeling of welcome in my room: display big map on the world and put the children picture on their country, Staff in my room would learn “hello” in their languages. Organise some events: Harmony Day (children can wear their traditional dress), Christmas party (welcome parent come and participate), Chinese New Year, Lantern – Moon (children can create lantern, Western children will learn from Asian children) ….
 Ensure learning experiences are meaningful and decision-making is shared
C) Communities:
I belief it is important to connect with people, services and agencies within the communities that support children and family. (Code of Ethics).
I will put into my practice:
 I

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