Past, Present & Future Paper

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Past, Present, and Future Paper I began my undergraduate studies at the University of Phoenix (UOP) in July 2006. The decision to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree from UOP was based on the school’s curriculum, reputation, learning environment, and personal references. Past Looking back, it is amazing to reminisce upon the last two years. When I started school in July 2006, I had not been in an accredited learning environment in over thirty-two years. My previous schooling had been at a local College where I didn’t really have any educational or professional goals in mind and lacked workforce experience. Upon enrolling at UOP, I possessed that experience but my study skills were void of any value. At…show more content…
I also had aspirations to proceed up the corporate ladder. These executive positions are very competitive. Almost all the candidates for these positions will have at least a bachelor’s degree while many of them have advanced degrees and it is not uncommon for them to have doctorates. Present After completing my management core classes, I can look back and see substantial development. Along with the noticeable benefit of receiving formal education in techniques, tools, and information used in organizations, the University of Phoenix’s management program has provided various other material paybacks. Despite a lack of good study skills on my part, UOP quickly became a motivating and rewarding activity. The management program and particularly courses like MGT/330, Management: Theory, Practice and Evaluation, has provided me with a greater understanding of the fundamental reasons for why organizations operate in the manner they do, what factors are used in making important decisions and how organizations produce the values that are used in developing processes and procedures. Even with a substantial background in management, the program helped me develop a renewed perspective of an educated manager. I have also seen development in my attitude toward business as a whole. Human Resource Management, MGT/431, helped with my seeing business as a constant effort between
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