Path To Wellness Essay

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Path to Wellness
It is always important to take care of your body. The importance of your health is a big deal. There are many reasons why you should care for your body. Not taking care of your body can affect your social health. You can become ill which means you will be at home or seeking medical attention all the time. You won’t be able to function how you usually do. Taking care of yourself affects every aspect of your life. Mentally and emotionally you might not be able to handle the things that you will have to go through. You might fall into a depression and with that emotionally you’re eating habits will become bad. You will lose out on the things that are important to you.
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Smoking is a leading cause of death. It should be avoided because you can live longer. It affects the body in so many ways. Not smoking you will avoid diseases like cancer and heart disease. Secondly, obesity is also a problem in the U.S. becoming overweight is never good for the body. You want to avoid this because you can become a diabetic. With being a diabetic you will always have to watch your sugar and you can lose limbs (legs, arms, toes, and fingers.) or blurry vision. Lastly, drinking is also a problem. Drinking irresponsibly can cause a lot of altercations. You can get alcohol poisoning. Consuming too much alcohol can cause liver problems which shuts down your body. It’s always important to avoid risky behaviors because your body is at risk.
Now knowing the different ways that I can take care of my body I will follow as well. I can now change my eating habits so that my body doesn’t suffer. I can start to take care of my body in different ways. First I will keep myself in shape so that I can avoid obesity. I will avoid risky behaviors smoking and drinking as well. I can make sure to get the proper sleep that I need. Taking care of my body will become a main priority in my future. Nothing is better than having a good mind, body, and

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