Patient Autonomy, Patient Safety And Risk

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Patient autonomy, patient safety and risk are the main key issues which have arose from the scenario of Ward 6 regarding patient, Mrs Green. These issues have been chosen to be addressed as it is important that the patients in your care have the choice and are always safe and not at risk, to do this The Institute of Medicine (2010) says nurses and other health professionals should work together to ensure a safe delivery of quality care (cited in Kim et al. 2015 p.2491). Patient autonomy, safety and risk are all important yet the decisions made from the student nurse on Ward 6 will be responsible and accountable, however as the student nurse will be mentored they will not have the accountability which a registered nurse does as “to be accountable; practitioners must: have the ability to perform the activity or intervention, accept responsibility for doing the activity and have the authority to perform the activity through delegation and the policies and protocols of the organisation” (Royal College of Nursing 2016). The student nurses will be responsible for communication with their senior and make sure they seek advice beforehand. Responsibility is mentioned within accountability yet is different as Dohmann (2009) claims that nurses individually have the responsibility to make sure that actions they carry out or delegate to must be done appropriately and they are then accountable for the results from the actions that were taken. 240 The Royal College of Nursing (2016)
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