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ENDEAVOUR PATIENT BILLING SOFTWARE SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Revision History Date 27.12.2010 Version 1.0 29.12.2010 2.0 Description Patient Billing Software Patient Billing Software Author Endeavour Endeavour Table of Contents Description 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Scope 1.3 Definition, Acronyms, and Abbreviations 1.4 References 1.5 Technologies to be used 1.6 Tools used 1.7 Overview 2.0 Overall Description 2.1 Product Perspective 2.2 Software Interface 2.3 Hardware Interface 2.4 Product Function 2.5 User Characteristics 2.6 Constraints 2.7 Use Case Model Description 2.8 Class Diagram 2.9 Sequence Diagram 2.10 Database Design 2.10.1 ER Diagram 2.11 Assumptions and…show more content…
Maintaining patient’s prescription details. Providing billing details for indoor/outdoor patients. If user forgets his/her password then it can be retrieved by hint question. Related test reports, patient details report, prescription and billing reports canbe generated as per user requirements. User or Administrator can search a patient’s record by his/her name or their registration date. 2.0 Overall Description: 2.1 Product Perspective: HTTP/HTTPS HTML Client (Web Browser) CLIENT SOFTWARE WAS TCP/IP (System User) Client Side Application Server Database Server The web pages (XHTML/JSP) are present to provide the user interface on customer client side. Communication between customer and server is provided through HTTP/HTTPS protocols. The Client Software is to provide the user interface on system user client side and for this TCP/IP protocols are used. On the server side web server is for EJB and database server is for storing the information. DB2 2.2 Software Interface: -I- Front End Client: Web browser -I- Web Server: WAS -I- Data Base Server:DB2 -|- Back End:DB2 2.3 Hardware Interface: Client side Processor Internet Explorer 7.0 RAM Disk space pentium IV 256MB 1GB pentium IV pentium IV 1GB 1GB 2GB 1GB Server Side Web sphere Application Server DB2 2.4 User Characteristics: Every user should be: Comfortable of working with computer. He must have knowledge in medical field. He must also have basic knowledge of English
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