Patient Centered Care Is A Philosophy Of Care Delivery

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Patient-centered care is a philosophy of care delivery in which services are arranged around the needs of the patient. It defines healthcare delivery from the patient’s perspective and organizes the building blocks of work around the patient and her care. It consists of sequences of activities by all involved staff members who care for the patients. It is consistent with cooperative work in clinical settings. According to Schmidt and Simone, “cooperative work is constituted by the interdependence of multiple actors who, in their individual activities, in changing the state of their individual field of work, also change the state of the field of work of others and who thus interact through changing the state of a common field of work.” A patient constitutes the common field of work for clinical and non-clinical healthcare delivery workers. The patient-oriented workflow also captures the temporal order of various roles’ contributions to care delivery (Ozkaynak et al., 2013). Example: We used a patient-oriented workflow approach to evaluate a health information exchange technology intervention in terms of how the intervention affects patient care in three emergency departments. We conducted a systematic investigation of patient care, captured in a temporal sequential context. Using a patient-oriented workflow approach was valuable because we were able to monitor the overall organization of care delivery individual patient episodes, capturing the engagement of multiple staff

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