Patient Centred Care

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This essay aims to describe briefly what is meant by patient-centred care. It will also focus and expand on two key aspects of patient dignity - making choices and confidentiality. Patient-centred care (PCC) is an extensively used model in the current healthcare system (Pelzang 2010:12). PCC is interpreted as looking at the whole person and considering their individual values and needs in relation to their healthcare. By implementing a PCC approach it ensures that the person is at the very centre of any plans that are made and has a dynamic role in the decision making process (Pelzang 2010:12). Service users of NHS Scotland are no longer being looked upon as being inactive receivers of care and are invited to have more involvement in…show more content…
(NMC Code 2008:3) Patient’s decisions may sometimes be affected by various factors i.e. Their surroundings, they are often vulnerable and out of their normal environment. A conventional health care setting may be in a hospital environment where patients are most likely feel sensitive and insecure. Matiti and Trorey (2008:17) conducted interviews involving 102 patients in 3 different hospitals across the United Kingdom, over a period of 18 months. The purpose of these encounters was to annotate what was being said and also the fundamental meaning of how patients believed that their dignity was being put in jeopardy. One of the key aspects of patient dignity is making choices. Whilst conducting these interviews Matiti and Trorey (2008:17) discovered that despite the fact that patients accepted the loss of a little independence within the hospital surroundings, they wanted the freedom to participate in the decisions about their healthcare. Patients’ understanding in terms of choice, authority or participation in care and autonomy varied extensively. A number of patients were grateful that they were given the option to make decisions and that these were acted upon. On the contrary others considered that their right to making choices was contradicted and often their
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